Hana Brady and Her Suitcase

If you have been inspired by Anne Frank and her diary, here is another child whose story has survived the Holocaust:

On May 16, 1931, Hana Brady was born in Novo Mesto na Morave.  She is remembered as having been a sweet girl who liked school, skating, and skiing.

One New Year’s Eve, Hana and her older brother, George, played a prediction game.  Each of them put flaming candle upright in a walnut shell and floated the walnut shell across some water.  George’s candle survived the journey, but Hana’s tipped and was extinguished.  In some ways, this little game foreshadowed the fate of George and Hana Brady in the Second World War.

Though Hana’s life ended in Auschwitz, her spirit and what is now a replica of her suitcase have endured.  For more information about Hana’s Brady, her suitcase, and her story, visit http://www.hanassuitcase.ca/


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