About Shakespeare in Action

Shakespeare In Action

Shakespeare In Action is Canada’s leading Shakespeare Education Company for young audiences.  We are a professional classical repertory company currently in residence at Central Commerce Collegiate Institute, located in downtown Toronto.  Our programs include school tours (Shakespeare Meets Hip Hop and Shakespeare Alive), mainstage productions, Shakespeare Library Club, Shakespeare Fight Club, Shakespeare Summer Camp for Kids, and the Shakespeare Young Company for Teens summer training program.

Our Mandate

Shakespeare in Action is a multi-racial theatre company that aspires to enhance the arts and education through exploring and performing Shakespeare’s plays. We are dedicated to fostering literacy, enhancing creativity and promoting speech arts by making the language and stories of Shakespeare accessible and relevant to young audiences, their families and the community. Shakespeare in Action seeks to inspire audiences of all ages to discover Shakespeare’s universal truths in our everyday world, showing the influence classical theatre has within our community. We accomplish this by:

  • Presenting fresh Canadian interpretations of Shakespeare and other classical and contemporary stories that are relevant to young audiences and their families and the community
  • Promoting a multi-cultural company of interdisciplinary artists that is engaged with and reflects our diverse community AND
  • Creating the audience of the future through our productions, projects and outreach programs.

Our Philosophy

We believe that Shakespeare can and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, race, education, or socio-economic background. It is with this vision that we have been diligently pioneering new projects and programs in both schools and theatres, touching all sectors of society. Our educational programs inspire a new generation of students and scholars to discover the resonance of Shakespeare’s truths in the everyday world, demonstrating the influence that classical theatre can have within a community. By definition the word “action “, implies habitual activity characterized by energy and boldness. “Action ” truly captures the essence of what makes this company vital in bringing Shakespeare ALIVE in the classroom and on stage.