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Adopt-A-School Program

Shakespeare in Action is proud to announce its Adopt-A-School Program!!

Z - Shakespeare in Action - Summer Camps 2012 - Kids - As You Like It - Practicing the Final Bow with Director Sascha Cole

I know what you are thinking… What IS the Adopt-A-School Program?

The Adopt-A-School Program is an accessibility program that allows children from ages 7-12 in your neighborhood schools to engage with Shakespeare’s plays in a unique way that demystifies the language and brings Shakespeare alive!

The primary goal of this program is to provide access to the arts. Shakespeare In Action works directly in your local school with an entire grade group or even with the entire school. We customize each program to meet the school’s needs. In 2012 we reached over 16,000 youth and 1000 families across the GTA through our performance, education and outreach programs.

All of our programming is delivered by professional actors and certified OCT educators. We believe that youth deserve the highest quality arts education and we won’t compromise.

The Adopt-A-School program allows schools with limited resources to benefit from the same programs available to private and separate schools. Our programming builds self-confidence, promotes spirited students, teamwork, and helps create a more productive and engaged individual.

How can you participate?

  1. Pick a school that needs your help.
  2. Contact Shakespeare in Action at (416) 703-4881.
  3. Make a donation to Shakespeare in Action designated toward Adopt-a-school.  Programs can be arranged for donations starting at $1,000.

Shakespeare in Action will take it from here customizing a program that meets the school’s needs. We’ll keep you posted on student progress and you’ll even receive feedback from the benefiting students.

We’ll share your story through our website, Facebook, Twitter and with a special press release announcing your organization’s involvement. Give the gift of language, creativity and the arts today!

For more info, please contact us at:

(416) 703-4881