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Photo Friday – Shakespeare Alive, Rave Reviews!

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Shakespeare in Action has just wrapped up its Shakespeare Alive 2013 tour!  This 75-minute interactive presentation travelled to  elementary and secondary classrooms, auditoriums, cafeterias, and gyms across the GTA!  Their goal was to show students why Shakespeare is still relevant and why his language – his poetry – is so important. Here’s what the teachers had to say about Shakespeare Alive!:


I was so impressed with the actors who came in and ran the workshop. They were exceptional and the kids loved it. I’m extremely happy with the way things went. It was an excellent experience for us.

-Jarrett Flindall, Middle School Teacher


I want to thank your organization for bringing an exciting, hilarious and gripping presentation to John Fraser Secondary School. Our students were energized and engaged throughout, and some even got to improv onstage in front of their drama teacher. We had a range from just-arrived ESL to near graduates take in the performance, and all the feedback I’ve heard from kids and teachers so far has been positive. Each kid came away with different favourite moments. They say they were impressed and enjoyed learning why we still care about Shakespeare.

Thanks for accommodating our needs, and thanks for a great show.

-Stephen Morra, High School Teacher


Yesterday’s performance was outstanding! The three performers were energetic, talented, funny, informative and it was a great pleasure for me to look out at the audience’s faces in the lecture theatre — the really academic students, the not-so-academic students — all were grinning and under the spell cast by your actors. The audience participation elements were very well received.I told your performers after the show that they made my job easier (the kids found a new respect for and interest in Shakespeare), but also harder, because how can we teachers match the fun of what they did?We would be pleased to have them come again in the future.

-Paula Nevins, High School Teacher

Shakespeare Alive

Got a case of the school-day blues? Work-day blues? Well, ‘as good luck would have it’ (The Merry Wives of Windsor, III. v), we’ve got just the thing for you. An instant pick-me-up called SHAKESPEARE ALIVE…coming soon to a school theatre, gymnasium and classroom near you!

  • Tour dates: April 29th – May 10th, 2013
  • Location: elementary and secondary schools across Ontario
  • Grades 4-12
  • 2 daily performances at 10am and 2pm

Have a sneak preview:

Shakespeare In Action proudly presents SHAKESPEARE ALIVE – an affordable, interactive touring performance for Ontario school students, grades 4-12. Brought to you by three professional actors, this 75-minute presentation features sketches of Shakespeare’s life and times, as well as acted scenes from the plays. Choose from 4 of the Bard’s most famous works – Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Hamlet.

SHAKESPEARE ALIVE is both a theatrical experience and an educational opportunity. It brings professional theatre into schools, allowing students to develop an understanding and appreciation for Shakespeare’s works. It rekindles in them, the spark and excitement of storytelling that is at the very root of the plays. By giving them a chance to speak up and engage with the actors, students are able to break through the Elizabethan language barrier!

The tour is on LIMITED ENGAGEMENT. Register NOW to reserve your spot by visiting the website here, by emailing, OR by calling 416-703-4881

[WARNING: Watching a performance of Shakespeare Alive may include side effects of having fun, student participation, and sudden outbursts of Elizabethan speech]

– by Vineeta

Shakespeare Alive: Let the Tour Begin!

The beginning of our Ontario-wide interactive performance tour, Shakespeare Alive, is fast approaching! Starting Nov. 22nd, Romeo (Kaleb Alexander) and Juliet (Bahareh Yaraghi) – from our recent mainstage production of Romeo and Juliet – will be travelling to schools across southern Ontario.

Romeo (Kaleb Alexander) and Juliet (Bahareh Yaraghi) are taking the show on the road this week!

The program is designed to give students a thumbnail sketch of Shakespeare’s life, historical perspective on his work and tools to break through the Elizabethan language barrier. Best of all, the program can be tailored to specific plays, so every school will have an individual experience! Here’s where we’re headed:

On November 22nd we’re in Mississauga performing key scenes from Romeo and Juliet. Then on the 23rd, we end up in Windsor for a discussion of Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Twelfth Night and Hamlet. Busy day!

On the 24th we stay here in Toronto for a workshop on A Midsummer Night’s Dream (one of our favourites and set to reappear on the mainstage this May). The very next day we head up to King City with a program of key scenes from Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

On the 26th we can be found in both Oshawa and Dunnville! In Oshawa our program focuses on Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar. In the afternoon Dunnville students will learn more about Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice.

And finally, on Nov. 29th we’re in Markham to perform some key scenes from Romeo and Juliet, followed the very next day by A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Scarborough.

Students at each school will participate in the 75-minute workshop for $5 each, and will also receive free resources and have a lot of fun with interactive learning. Let the tour begin!

By: Kathleen

Ready, Set, Shakespeare!

We are proud to announce our new 2010-2011 season. Please join us in creating invigorating, challenging, joyful theatre experiences for students!

SIA is Canada’s leading Shakespeare company for young audiences, with over 22 years experience. We return with a new season of work for students of all ages, featuring three timeless classics told with our usual innovative and artistic flair! And some brand new programs to boot!

What makes us different is that we hire professional Equity actors, meaning your students will see the highest quality performances at the most affordable rates in Toronto!

Stay tuned to our website and blog for more information (website to be updated shortly!) or call us to book today. Remember, if you book before June 30, you can buy tickets to our mainstage shows for a LOW $12 per student. That price includes all taxes and we don’t charge a booking fee.

Let us know what you think of the season and we hope to see you soon!

Shakespeare’s Shorts Tour begins. So does winter.

Welcome winter, glad you showed up just in time for us to hit the road causing complications on the 401 and making it very tricky to get to Uxbridge.

With all the excitement around here lately, we almost forgot to tell you: we’re on tour right now!  As you are reading this, three fabulous actors of ours are touring schools in the GTA.  We’ve tweaked our scripts a bit since the fall and acquired some fantastic new face and so far it sounds like the results have been stellar.

Lisa Li, Joe Bucci, and Adam Seybold kick things off with our very own Central Commerce Collegiate crowd.

Shakespeare’s Shorts is out and about in the Junior and Senior Schools; it’s never too early to learn Shakespeare.  The idea behind this particular show is to introduce students to Shakespeare’s stories.  Because while we sometimes get lost in the language, the stories can be understood and identified by kids (and adults) of all ages.  In fact, the harder you look, the more likely you are to realize there is a Shakespeare story in everything, even those Saturday morning cartoons.

Nothing like a little sword fight to get the crowd going!

For our friends in the Secondary Schools, the same three versatile actors are performing Shakespeare Alive! As most of them have probably encountered Shakespeare in their studies, or will shortly do so, the aim in this show is to help them see how Shakespeare’s language translates to the English we use every day.  We get that the whole can be overwhelming, but if you can look at the pieces, you begin to be able to break it down.  And that is, after all, our goal.  By the end, we hope students will realize that the situations that come up in Shakespeare’s plays are not so far removed from their own lives!

“Lay on, Macduff!”

But more than anything, we hope students of all ages will leave both shows feeling like Shakespeare just might be a whole lot of fun!