TD Shakespeare for Kids Library Club – Extend your young Bard’s learning with these click-and-print resources!

...and act a little out.

Are your young Bards participating in the Fall session of the TD Shakespeare for Kids Library Club?  Or have they participated in the past?

If so, we have some free click-and-print activities for them to try at home and extend their learning!

Click here, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the green “Download Now” button.

Registration for the Winter session opens December 1st!  For more information click here.

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See that Virtual Lab tab? Yeah, that one up there.


There is a lot happening at Shakespeare In Action as the holidays draw near. We’re stuffing envelopes, eating cookies, meeting students, eating cookies, organizing our National Shakespeare Youth Festival, eating cookies, working on upcoming programming, eating cookies. You get the idea. And in the midst of all this chaos (and cookies), there is the Virtual Lab.  Which you will find on this wonderful blog. Sort of.

As the National Shakespeare Youth Festival is coming along, we’re quickly realizing that we can’t be in every classroom all the time.  We also know that performing and interpreting Shakespeare can be intimidating, to both students and teachers.  So we wanted to provide our Festival participants (and anyone else who might be interested) with some resources to help them through the process. Because our Festival (and theatre in general) is all about the process.

Enter the Virtual Lab, brainchild of one Mr. Michael Kelly. Eventually, this will be a place where we are able to share our resources, ideas, exercises, and general Shakespearean brilliance in video, audio, and possibly photographic form.  We want it to be visual, interactive, and, of course, interesting. Plus, we like putting actors to work. And Michael really likes that video camera.

Still in its infancy, the Virtual Lab is currently a single tab on the blog here.  But soon it will be home to many mini-tutorials, which Michael is busily shooting and editing, and eventually we hope to make it an independent micro-site. In the meantime, we thought we’d let you know what we’re working toward.  Hopefully the next time you click that tab up there, there will be something new and exciting to check out!