melt into thin air

Wordy Wednesday – “Melt into thin air”

Have you been feeling like this sad Popsicle recently with all this heat and sun? Or perhaps just eating a lot of icy foods, trying to stay cool? Well, you’ll appreciate today’s Wordy Wednesday phrase: melt into thin air.

This is actually a bit of a cheat post because Shakespeare didn’t coin that exact phrase. He first used the word “vanish” instead, in Othello:

Then put up your pipes in your bag, for I’ll away. Go; vanish into air; away!

But remember how sometimes he likes to use good phrases more than once? Well, thankfully for us, he chose to use the same words again, but in a slightly different style, in The Tempest:

These our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and are melted into air, into thin air.

In both plays the phrase means to vanish or disappear suddenly, as though simply melting away. Much like a Popsicle on a hot day.