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Photo Friday!

Today’s Photo Friday gives us a sneak peek at some of the set pieces for Romeo and Juliet! Students at Central Commerce have been helping Jaclyn with the paining of the wooden background flats, and after some creative collaboration, it now features graffiti style logos for the Montague and Capulet families, and a coat of arms motif in the centre. The dove and the heart of course represent Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, while the sword and shield hint at the resistance and danger facing them from both sides!

What are your thoughts on the design/color scheme/lettering, etc?

Photo Friday

This week’s photo is coming to you from the Central Commerce Theatre where our production of Anne Frank is in full swing!

You should see it under the lights!

Some FAQ about the show:

Q: Are any of the characters still alive today?

A: Miep Gies, one of the people who helped hide the Frank family and other died at the age of 100 on January 11th 2010.

Q: How did the Nazis find out where they were hiding?

A:  It is suspected that one of the people that knew their location gave them up to the German police.  The informer was never identified.

Q: What happened to Peter’s cat Mouschi?

A: Miep and other friends of the Annex clan looked after him once Peter was arrested.

To get a closer look at the set (and our amazing production) come check out The Diary of Anne Frank!  On now until March 11.

Welcoming Anne Frank to the Stage

Tonight’s the big night!

After weeks of set construction and rehearsals we are very excited to present The Diary of Anne Frank!  It’s been in previews all week and we’re ready to show it off to the public tonight at 7:30pm and the Central Commerce Theatre.  Come out, show your support for SIA and have a great night at the theatre!

Sneak Preview -Photos of The Diary of Anne Frank

Opening night is fast approaching! We’re in previews this week and then the show officially premieres on March 1. The Diary of Anne Frank runs from February 23rd to March 13th. If anyone is interested in coming to a performance please contact Shakespeare in Action at 416-703-4881 or by email at

Here are some photos of our cast in action so you can get a look at what we’ve been working on! Photo credit goes to the talented Joel Charlebois.

Sascha Cole as Anne

L to R: Joe Bucci as Peter, Shaun Clarke as Mr. Dussel, Bruce Beaton as Mr. Van Daan, Sascha Cole as Anne, Alexis Koetting as Mrs. Frank, Cindy Block as Miep Gies and Chris Karczmar as Mr. Frank

L to R: Chris Karczmar as Mr. Frank, Shaun Clarke as Mr. Dussel, Alexis Koetting as Mrs. Frank, Bruce Beaton as Mr. Van Daan, Joe Bucci as Peter, Kaitlin Janisse as Margot, Cindy Block as Miep Gies, Catherine McNally as Mrs. Van Daan and Sascha Cole as Anne.

L to R: Joe Bucci as Peter, Catherine McNally as Mrs. Van Daan, and Shaun Clarke as Mr. Dussel

Kaitlin Janisse as Margot and Alexis Koetting as Mrs. Frank

Photo Friday!

Shakespeare in Action has been extremely busy the past few days getting the set finished for The Diary of Anne Frank. Here’s a sneak peak at what it looks like so far.

Doesn’t it look great? Big thanks to everyone who has helped with the building and painting.

Can’t wait to show everyone the final product.

The Diary of Anne Frank runs from February 23rd to March 13th. If anyone is interested in coming to a performance please contact Shakespeare in Action at 416-703-4881 or by email at

Don’t miss our early Bird Discounts for the 2010-2011 Mainstage Season!

Dear Teachers, Friends and Supporters,

We are pleased to announce our 2010-2011 season, jam-packed with fun, professional and affordable performances for students of all ages.

Shakespeare in Action has been committed to providing youth with the highest quality performances and educational programs for over 22 years, and we hope you will join us in the next school year!

For more information on our season, please visit our website (updated soon!) or call 416 703 4881.

What makes Shakespeare in Action different:

  • All mainstage performances are only $12 per student (when you book before our early bird discount dates)
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  • We hire Union (Equity) actors, making our performances professional and unforgettable theatre experiences!
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  • Free talkbacks after all mainstage performances
  • Free teacher tickets, resource packs, created by teachers for teachers!
  • Expert and exceptional customer service, committed to giving your students the best theatre experience possible.

We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Summer. To make sure you don’t miss out on our early-bird discounts, please contact our office at 416 703 4881 and register your interest to book today!

All the best, Mat Howard General Manager.

Ready, Set, Shakespeare!

We are proud to announce our new 2010-2011 season. Please join us in creating invigorating, challenging, joyful theatre experiences for students!

SIA is Canada’s leading Shakespeare company for young audiences, with over 22 years experience. We return with a new season of work for students of all ages, featuring three timeless classics told with our usual innovative and artistic flair! And some brand new programs to boot!

What makes us different is that we hire professional Equity actors, meaning your students will see the highest quality performances at the most affordable rates in Toronto!

Stay tuned to our website and blog for more information (website to be updated shortly!) or call us to book today. Remember, if you book before June 30, you can buy tickets to our mainstage shows for a LOW $12 per student. That price includes all taxes and we don’t charge a booking fee.

Let us know what you think of the season and we hope to see you soon!

2010-11 Season Sneak Peek

We’re ready to pass “Go” on our exciting 2010-11 season, and you can be the first in the know. Stay tuned for our Season announcement – coming next Monday31 May at9am!

In the meantime, join our Twitter feed to guess our 3 mainstage shows… (pssst…the production icons below are helpful hints!)

Clue…. mmm….

A behind the scenes tour of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Today we open A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Central Commerce Collegiate!  We’re very excited to present our first mainstage production in our new home and we’ve invited pretty much everyone we know.  In honour of the event, we thought we’d give you a behind the scenes look at what’s been going on to prepare us for the occasion!

First up: the set!  Here is what it’s going to look like, more or less:

Here is what our stage will look like...

Danger! Lightbulbs sometimes break, thank goodness someone made a sign...I would've cartwheeled otherwise!

One room out of our three was dedicated to building the set and backdrop.  While touring with my camera, I encountered the above sign on the door.  It must have been quite the adventure in that room as everything was coming together!  So here’s a look at how the backdrop and trees were made by cutting trunks from canvas and painting them to look like multi-coloured tree trunks.

Making the backdrop: measuring triangles!

A box full of colours!

Resourcefulness leads to recycled paint containers.

The mess remains...

Now that we have the stage under control, it’s time to clothe those actors! So bust out that sewing machine, we’re making costumes.  And masks, many masks!

Let's get sewing!

Costumes, as organized by character...

The sketches are up next to the sewing machine...

Oberon's cape of adventure in hot glue!

A few finished masks and a lot of art supplies!

Mixing paint to make masks...

A finished mask...and more sketches.

And that is all we’re going to show you! If you want to see the rest, you’ll have to come see our show…

Thrust! Construction on Stage for A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Main Entry: thrust stage
Function: noun
Etymology: thrust, past participle of 1thrust
Date: 1965

: a stage that projects beyond the proscenium so that the audience sits around the projection; also : a forestage that is extended into the auditorium to increase the stage area

Our thrust stage.

Our thrust stage.

In preparation for our upcoming mainstage production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, some of our fabulous interns and friends have constructed a thrust stage.  We have an incredible auditorium here at Central Commerce Collegiate, but there used to be a vast gap between the audience and the lip of the stage.  If we were doing musical theatre, it would be awesome pit space.  But we aren’t, so it isn’t.  And now we have a thrust to bridge the gap!

The supplies have arrived, let’s get to work!

The crew is ready to go…


Planning the platforms.


A few legs to stand on…

And here we are…