Leonardo DiCaprio

Shakespeare at the 2016 Golden Globes

The 73rd Annual Golden Globes will be presented this Sunday, and we couldn’t be happier to see so many Shakespearean actors and actresses nominated for awards! We have compiled a list of all of the actors that have been nominated in the Film, TV, and Limited Series categories for you. Take a look below!


Cate Blanchett (Carol)


Appeared in:

  • Richard II (Sydney Festival, 2009) as Richard II

*This production was part of The War of the Roses, where all of Shakespeare’s Historical plays were condensed into one 8 hour performance!


Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)


Appeared in:

  • Romeo and Juliet (1996) as Romeo


Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs)


Appeared in:

  • Macbeth (2015) as Macbeth


Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl)


Appeared in:

  • Richard III (Donmar Warehouse 2011) as Richard III
  • Twelfth Night (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre,2002) as Viola


Maggie Smith (The Lady in the Van)


Appeared in:

  • Gnomeo and Juliet (2011) as Lady Blueberry
  • Romeo.Juliet (1990) as Rosaline
  • Richard III (1995) as Duchess of York
  • The Merchant of Venice (BBC Play of the Month, 1972) as Portia
  • Much Ado About Nothing (TV movie, 1967) as Beatrice
  • Othello (1965) as Desdemona
  • Twelfth Night (Oxford University Dramatics Society, 1952) as Viola


Christian Bale (The Big Short)

Image: Christian Bale

Appeared in:

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999) as Demetrius
  • Henry V (1989) as Robin the Luggage Boy


Al Pacino (Danny Collins)


Appeared in:

  • Richard III (1979) as Richard III
  • Julius Caesar (New York Shakespeare Festival, 1986) as Mark Anton


Helen Mirren (Trumbo)

The 79th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Appeared in:

  • The Tempest (2010) as Prospera
  • Antony and Cleopatra (National Theatre, 1998) as Cleopatra
  • Cymbeline (TV movie, 1982) as Imogen
  • Antony and Cleopatra (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1982) as Cleopatra
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (TV movie, 1981) as Titania
  • As You Like It (TV movie, 1978) as Rosalind
  • Henry VI Part 1 (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1977) as Margaret
  • Henry VI Part 2 (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1977) as Queen Margaret
  • Hamlet (1976) as Ophelia and Gertrude
  • Macbeth (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1974) as Lady Macbeth
  • The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1970) as Julia
  • Richard III (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1970) as Lady Anne
  • Hamlet (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1970) as Ophelia
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1969) as Hermia
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1968) as Hermia
  • Troilus and Cressida (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1968) as Cressida
  • Much Ado About Nothing (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1968) as Hero
  • All’s Well That Ends Well (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1967) as Diana



Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs)


Appeared in:

  • Hamlet (1996) as Ophelia


Idris Elba (Beasts of No Nation)


Appeared in:

  • Trolius and Cressida (American Place Theater, 2001) as Achilles


Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies)


Appeared in:
  • Much Ado About Nothing (The Old Vic, 2013)
  • Anonymous (2011) as Condell
  • The Tempest (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 2005) as Prospero/Stephano/Sebastian/Alonso
  • Measure for Measure (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 2004) as Vincentio
  • Richard II (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 2003) as Richard II
  • Hamlet (British National Theatre, 2001)
  • The Winter’s Tale (British National Theatre, 2001)
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (British National Theatre, 2001)
  • Twelfth Night (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 2001) as Olivia
  • Cymbeline (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 2001) as Posthumus/ Cloten
  • Romeo and Juliet (British National Theatre, 2000)
  • Hamlet (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 2000) as Hamlet
  • Antony and Cleopatra (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 1999) as Cleopatra
  • The Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 1998) as Bassanio
  • The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 1996) as Proteus
  • Macbeth (Greenwich Theatre, 1995) as Macbeth
  • Romeo and Juliet (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1989) as Romeo
  • The Winter’s Tale (British National Theatre, 1988)
  • The Tempest (British National Theatre, 1988)
  • Cymbeline (British National Theatre, 1988)
  • Antony and Cleopatra (British National Theatre, 1988)
  • Hamlet (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1988) as Hamlet
  • King Lear (British National Theatre, 1987)
  • Antony and Cleopatra (British National Theatre, 1987)
  • The Taming of the Shrew (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1982) Lucentio, Player
  • The Tempest (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1982) as Ariel


Jon Hamm (Mad Men)


Appeared in:
  • Timon of Athens (Sacred Fools Theatre Company, 1998) as Flavius


Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan)


Appeared in:
  • Henry V (Shakespeare in Central Park, 2003) as Henry V
  • Hamlet (2000) as Laertes
  • Macbeth (Joseph Papp Public Theater, 1998) as Banquo
  • Cymbeline (Shakespeare in the Park, 1998) as Iachimo


Gael Garcia Bernal (Mozart in the Jungle)


Appeared in:

  • Letters to Juliet (2010) as Victor


Patrick Stewart (Blunt Talk)


Appeared in:

  • The Hollow Crown- Richard II (TV mini-series, 2012) as John of Gaunt
  • Great Performances- Macbeth (TV series, 2012) as Macbeth
  • Gnomeo and Juliet (2011) as Bill Shakespeare
  • The Merchant of Venice (Royal Shakespeare Company , 2011) as Shylock
  • Hamlet (TV movie, 2009) as Claudius/ Ghost
  • Twelfth Night (Chichester Festival Theatre, 2007) as Malvolio
  • Macbeth (Chichester Festival Theatre, 2007) as Macbeth
  • Othello (Shakespeare Theater, 1997) as Othello
  • The Tempest (on Broadway, 1995)
  • King Lear (British National Theatre, 1986)
  • Hamlet (British National Theatre, 1986)
  • Henry IV Part 1 and 2 (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1982)
  • The Winter’s Tale (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1981 and 1982)
  • Titus Andronicus (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1981)
  • Two Gentlemen of Verona (Royal Shakespeare Company,1970 and 1981)
  • Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (TV movie, 1980) as Claudius
  • The Merchant of Venice (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1979)
  • Antony and Cleopatra (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1972 and 1979)
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Royal Shakespeare Company,1971 and 1977)
  • Antony and Cleopatra (TV movie, 1974) as Enobarbus
  • Julius Caesar (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1973)
  • Coriolanus (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1972)
  • The Tempest (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1970)
  • King John (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1970)
  • Richard III (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1970)
  • As You Like It (Royal Shakespeare Company,1967 and 1968)
  • Much Ado About Nothing (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1968)
  • Trolius and Cressida (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1968)
  • King Lear (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1968)
  • All’s Well That Ends Well (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1967)
  • The Taming of the Shrew (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1967)
  • Hamlet (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1966) as Player 1
  • The Merchant of Venice (Old Vic Theatre, 1965)


Oscar Isaac (Show Me A Hero)


Appeared in:

  • Romeo and Juliet (Delacorte Theater, 2007) as Romeo
  • The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Delacorte Theater, 2005) as Proteus


David Oyelowo (Nightingale)


Appeared in:

  • As You Like It (2006) as Orlando De Boys
  • Richard III (Royal Shakespeare Company, 2001) as Ghost of Henry VI
  • Henry VI Part 1 (Royal Shakespeare Company, 2000) as Henry VI
  • Henry VI Part 2 (Royal Shakespeare Company, 2000) as Henry VI
  • Henry VI Part 3 (Royal Shakespeare Company, 2000) as Henry VI
  • Antony and Cleopatra (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1999) as Menacrates and Decretas


Alan Cumming (The Good Wife)


Appeared in:

  • The Tempest (2010) as Sebastian
  • Titus (1999) as Saturninus
  • Richard III (Royal National Theatre, 1990)
  • Hamlet (Royal National Theatre, 1990)
  • As You Like It (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1989) as Courtier, Silvius
  • Macbeth (Tron Theatre, 1985) as Malcom


Damian Lewis (Wolf Hall)

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Appeared in:
  • Romeo and Juliet (2013) as Lord Capulet
  • ShakespeaRE-Told- Much Ado About Nothing (TV mini-series, 2005) as Benedick
  • Cymbeline (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1997) as Posthumus Leonatus
  • Much Ado About Nothing (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1996) as Don John


Shakespeare at the Movies- The Oscars 2014

The nominations for the 2014 Academy Awards are in, and I must say, there is some fierce competition for a statue this year!
Until the awards are actually given out on March 2, we can only speculate on the internet and join the office pool, guessing who will walk away a winner. In the meantime, we can dive into the nominees past works, and learn about the interesting and brilliant choices that this group of actors have made throughout their careers.

Seeing as we are a Shakespeare related theatre company, I have sifted though the careers of the nominees and compiled a list of some of the Shakespeare related works that they have been a part of over the years! Enjoy!


Christian Bale (Best Actor Nominee)

Appeared in:


Chiwetel Ejiofor (Best Actor Nominee)

Appeared in:

  • Macbeth (1997 theatre production) as Malcom
  • Romeo and Juliet (2000 theatre production) as Romeo
  • Twelfth Night, or What You Will (2003 TV movie) as Orsino
  • Othello (2007 theatre production) as Othello


Leonardo DiCaprio (Best Actor Nominee)

Appeared in:


Amy Adams (Best Actress Nominee)

Appeared in:

  • Into the Woods (2012 Shakespeare in the Park Production) as Baker’s Wife


Cate Blanchett (Best Actress Nominee)

Appeared in:

  • Richard II (2009 Sydney Festival) as Richard II

*Fun Fact- This role was part of a show called The War of the Roses, which condensed all of Shakespeare’s historical plays into one 8 hour performance!


Judi Dench (Best Actress Nominee)

Appeared in:

*Fun Fact- Judi Dench also performed with The Royal Shakespeare Company for many years.


Meryl Streep (Best Actress Nominee)

Appeared in:

  • The Taming of the Shrew (1978 Shakespeare in the Park Production)  as Katherine
  • Romeo and Juliet (2012 Shakespeare in the Park Staged Reading) as Juliet


Michael Fassbender (Best Supporting Actor Nominee)

Appearing in:

  • Macbeth (Currently in Pre-production) as Macbeth


Sally Hawkins (Best Supporting Actress Nominee)

Appeared in:

  • Much Ado About Nothing (2000 theatre production)
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2000 theatre production)


Lupita Nyong’o (Best Supporting Actress Nominee)

Appeared in:

  • The Winter’s Tale (Yale School of Drama Production)
  • The Taming of the Shrew (Yale School of Drama Production)

Have you seen any of these movies or performances? What did you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

Shakespeare at the Movies: Romeo and Juliet Through the Ages

As one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, Romeo and Juliet has been re-imagined many times, and there are several great movie adaptations to choose from. Romeo and Juliet is not this blogger’s favourite Shakespeare play, but sometimes a good adaptation can make me forget that and revel in the youth and tragedy of the thing. It’s also a play near and dear to our heart because of our mainstage production this past year (which had a modernized setting but featured Shakespeare’s original words).

Let’s discuss a few of the very best film versions!

1) Romeo and Juliet, 1968, dir. Franco Zeffirelli

This Academy-Award-winning film stars Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting as our doomed lovers. It is a very faithful adaptation for the most part – set in 15th century Renaissance Italy, starring actors who were almost as young as the characters in the play (15 and 17), using Shakespeare’s original dialogue. The only changes are fairly small; the film has a different final scene than the play, several scenes were eliminated, and so on. These are all fairly standard changes when going from play (or book) to film, as some things simply work better on the stage (Juliet’s dramatic final monologue, for example) than in a movie (where she simply says one line and stabs herself).

This movie gets a lot of things right, particularly the ages of its stars. Shakespeare meant for Romeo and Juliet to be young, headstrong and – let’s face it – a little bit stupid (or perhaps blind with love), and the youth and physicality of the play really hits home when you see Hussey and Whiting together. Shakespeare’s original dialogue also sparkles, and Zeffirelli was good at cutting out scenes that might have made the movie drag on.

Bottom line: this is the version to watch to get the most faithful adaptation, as it’s probably pretty close to the story as Shakespeare intended it to be seen.

2) William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, 1996, dir. Baz Luhrmann

Many devoted Shakespeare fans don’t like this movie, but your blogger is not one of them. It’s Shakespeare for a new era, directed by visionary Australian Baz Luhrmann (check out Moulin Rouge! and Strictly Ballroom as well; these three movies form his trilogy of films about theatre and the arts). The movie features superstar Leonardo DiCaprio (just one year before he sank with the Titanic), and Claire Danes, who was then known for her TV show My So-Called Life.

It’s a modernization of the play set in Verona Beach, California, with the Capulets and Montagues portrayed as business rivals. However, Luhrmann chose to use (most of) Shakespeare’s original dialogue, which gives the movie a very unique feel when combined with the ultra-modern set. The cinematography in this movie is stunning; Romeo and Juliet first see each other through a fish tank, as just one example. Romeo and his pals Mercutio and Benvolio are portrayed as bored teens looking to blow off some steam and cut loose. Danes and DiCaprio have tons of chemistry and the entire movie has a sort of punk feel, which in this blogger’s opinion really captures the youthful essence of the play.

However, the movie garnered mixed reviews from critics at the time. In its own way, it’s just as faithful to the plot as Zeffirelli’s version, but with some interesting additions. The prologue and epilogue are interpreted as newscasts, while the rival gangs have gunfights instead of swordfights. It also happens to have a great mid-90s soundtrack. This version of the play is not for everyone, but it’s definitely doing something new and interesting with Shakespeare’s text, and we think he’d approve.

Bottom line: do not skip reading the play and watch this instead. Watch it after you’ve read the play! And be amazed at how much Leo and Claire have grown up.

3) Gnomeo & Juliet, 2011, dir. Kelly Asbury

This is a version of the play starring garden gnomes voiced by James McAvoy and Emily Blunt. In 3D. What’s not to love?

Though we can’t know for sure if Shakespeare even knew what garden gnomes were, we think he would probably appreciate the creativity of this adaptation. It’s a kid-friendly story, and gnomes are adorable. Enough said.

4) Romeo and Juliet, 2012, dir. Carlo Carlei

It seems like every generation has their own version of R&J, and here comes a brand-new one. Next year Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth will star in this film, which is being shot on location in Italy. Steinfeld is currently 14, which means she’s just as young as Shakespeare’s Juliet, while Booth is a bit older. The question is whether or not this film will capture the magic of the play while still having something new to say as an adaptation. It seems quite similar to the very traditional Zeffirelli film, but only time will tell.