drama school

What if Shakespeare……were a hipster drama student at a modern-day college in Canada?

Such is the premise of Blank Verse, a self-styled “Shakespeare Web Series” produced by Nik Nok Media. The show imagines how the bard would act, think, dress, and write if he came into his own as a playwright not on the boards of a 16th century London playhouse, but in the classrooms of Bankside University, a fictional present-day Canadian theatre school. Bard enthusiasts and history buffs alike will have a ball spotting the various historical figures that have been transplanted from Elizabethan England to a Canada-like present day: Christina “Chris” Marlowe is a best-selling novelist/Creative writing MA candidate, Elizabeth Tudor is the head of the Creative Writing Department at Bankside, Richard Burbage (one of the actor’s in Shakespeare’s company, The King’s Men) is a hard-partying undergrad, Benjamina “Ben” Johnson, is an overachieving highschooler enrolled in a Bankside class for extra credit. Will himself is an angsty twenty-something with a blog and a dream.

Now tell me that isn’t the darlingest thing to hit the internet since the last time your kitten did something cute and you caught it on your iphone just in time.

The first season aired in weekly installments from August to December 2013, and the team is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to launch their second season. If you are looking for a cute, quirky, and endearingly nerdy webseries to get into, look no further than Blank Verse!