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Day of Delight @ Dufferin Grove Park – Sunday, June 16th!

- Clay & Paper Theatre's 11th Annual Day of Delight! -  Image: Barbara Klunder

– Clay & Paper Theatre –
Image: Barbara Klunder


We’re huge fans of puppetry and creative storytelling here at Shakespeare in Action!

This Sunday, June 16th, Clay & Paper Theatre presents its 11th annual Day of Delight: A Toronto Celebration of Love, Courtship, and Desire!

The event will take place in Dufferin Grove Park, from 2-5pm and is $10/Pay What You Can.  Founding Artistic Director, David Anderson, was kind enough to give a little more insight into the Day of Delight:


SIA:  What inspired you?  What is the Day of Delight story?

David:  I wanted to do a seasonal festival that played with the idea of rebirth and fecundity.  We also have a festival in the fall called Night of Dread.  Once we had Night of Dread – which looks and endings and death and our morality and which asks us to build images of our fears, to parade them, mock them, and laugh at them as a community – it was natural for me to think about its mirror festival in the spring.  And so, Day of Delight – a fanciful celebration of Spring, love, courtship, and desire in, with, and for Toronto – was born.

SIA:  there are some enormous puppets in this celebration! What are some materials and method that you and your team used to build them?

David:  We typically build our puppets by sculpting them in clay, then using paper mache on top of the clay sculpture.  We also sometimes build puppets out of cardboard.

SIA:  The theme is “Celebrating Mother Earth.”  Without giving anything away, what can attendees expect to experience?

David:  This year’s theme is celebrating Mother Earth herself, how Toronto rests in her bosom, and how lovers love her in our beautiful city.  Attendees can expect to be delighted by art installations and theatre, dance and musical performances, happening all around the park by 12 spectacular Toronto companies and solo artists.  Creative offerings will range from a singing picture show (also known as a song-story, or “flippy,” or cantastoria) exploring the hidden rivers and creeks beneath our feet; to a trio of Thai dancers reminding us of the universality of love and that we are all on Earth together; to a chorus of Ukrainian folk songs celebrating the transition from spring to summer;, to an installation inviting visitors to sit back, relax, and reflect on the beauty and love surrounding them at Dufferin Grove Park.


The event will feature music, art, dance, and theatre by:

  • Ahna DiFelice and YOU!
  • Broulala
  • Coyote Collective
  • Ekakshara Dance Creations
  • Iana Komarnytska, independent dance artist
  • Kosa Kolektiv
  • Max Kelly from More of Everything
  • MTM Collective
  • sandra Henderson
  • Toronto Thai Dramatic Arts Troupe
  • Viktor Lukawski



Day of Delight
Hosted by Clay & Paper Theatre
Sunday, June 16, 2013
Dufferin Grove Park
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