6 Questions With the Cast of Hamlet! -Kaleb Alexander Edition

Here is the last segment of our 6 Questions Series! Today, we interview Kaleb Alexander, our very own Hamlet!
Be sure to check out our Hamlet page to learn about this fabulous new production!

Romeo and Juliet- Fall 2010 Preview

Here are some photos from our Fall 2010 mainstage production of Romeo and Juliet!

In this busy first scene of the play, the Capulets and Montagues fight in the town square.

Juliet (Bahareh Yaraghi) and Romeo (Kaleb Alexander) on the famous balcony.

Lady Capulet (Catherine McNally) and Juliet (Bahareh Yaraghi) have a mother-daughter moment.

A Capulet fighter (Norah Smith, far left) and Benvolio (Marcel Stewart, far right) look on as Tybalt (Brendan McMurtry-Howlett, left) and Mercutio (Ryan Field, right) taunt each other.

In this final scene from the play, the Nurse (Nicole Robert, far left) looks on as Capulet (Clyde Whitham), Lady Capulet (Catherine McNally) and Montague (Richard Stewart) mourn the deaths of their children Romeo (Kaleb Alexander) and Juliet (Bahareh Yaraghi). On the other side of the stage, the Friar (Peter Smith), the watchman (Marcel Stewart) and the Prince (Andy Trithardt) stand over Paris’ (Joe Bucci) dead body.

The lovely and talented cast all together with our director and fearless leader Michael Kelly!

For more of these great photos, please visit our Facebook profile, and visit our YouTube channel to see video from the performance! Photo credit goes to Joel Charlebois.


By: Kathleen