Thrust! Construction on Stage for A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Main Entry: thrust stage
Function: noun
Etymology: thrust, past participle of 1thrust
Date: 1965

: a stage that projects beyond the proscenium so that the audience sits around the projection; also : a forestage that is extended into the auditorium to increase the stage area

Our thrust stage.

Our thrust stage.

In preparation for our upcoming mainstage production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, some of our fabulous interns and friends have constructed a thrust stage.  We have an incredible auditorium here at Central Commerce Collegiate, but there used to be a vast gap between the audience and the lip of the stage.  If we were doing musical theatre, it would be awesome pit space.  But we aren’t, so it isn’t.  And now we have a thrust to bridge the gap!

The supplies have arrived, let’s get to work!

The crew is ready to go…


Planning the platforms.


A few legs to stand on…

And here we are…