Shakespeare Alive!

Shakespeare’s Shorts Tour begins. So does winter.

Welcome winter, glad you showed up just in time for us to hit the road causing complications on the 401 and making it very tricky to get to Uxbridge.

With all the excitement around here lately, we almost forgot to tell you: we’re on tour right now!  As you are reading this, three fabulous actors of ours are touring schools in the GTA.  We’ve tweaked our scripts a bit since the fall and acquired some fantastic new face and so far it sounds like the results have been stellar.

Lisa Li, Joe Bucci, and Adam Seybold kick things off with our very own Central Commerce Collegiate crowd.

Shakespeare’s Shorts is out and about in the Junior and Senior Schools; it’s never too early to learn Shakespeare.  The idea behind this particular show is to introduce students to Shakespeare’s stories.  Because while we sometimes get lost in the language, the stories can be understood and identified by kids (and adults) of all ages.  In fact, the harder you look, the more likely you are to realize there is a Shakespeare story in everything, even those Saturday morning cartoons.

Nothing like a little sword fight to get the crowd going!

For our friends in the Secondary Schools, the same three versatile actors are performing Shakespeare Alive! As most of them have probably encountered Shakespeare in their studies, or will shortly do so, the aim in this show is to help them see how Shakespeare’s language translates to the English we use every day.  We get that the whole can be overwhelming, but if you can look at the pieces, you begin to be able to break it down.  And that is, after all, our goal.  By the end, we hope students will realize that the situations that come up in Shakespeare’s plays are not so far removed from their own lives!

“Lay on, Macduff!”

But more than anything, we hope students of all ages will leave both shows feeling like Shakespeare just might be a whole lot of fun!