Acting for Non-Actors – Discover the power of acting!

At Shakespeare In Action, we believe creativity is the most transferable skill in the 21st century. This workshop is meant for adult beginners who want to develop their own creativity, communication, memory and social skills. Lead by highly experienced acting teachers, participants will take risks, make friends and make great theatre. Participants will enhance the clarity, impact and credibility of their acting and presentations with personal style, authenticity and passion.

Classes at 598b Yonge St at Shakespeare In Action’s Rehearsal Space.

Weekly classes Tuesdays 6:30-9:30pm from October 4th, 2016 – November 22th 2016

In this 8 week workshop activities include:

  • Improvisational exercises that focus on trusting your impulses and build positive energy
  • Voice and speech methods to develop skills in overcoming fear and tension.
  • Learn how to prepare for a theatre audition or a formal speaking engagement.
  • A high energy hands-on participation workshop
  • Learn the fundamental vocabulary of acting
  • Explore the essential skills that actors need for presentation
  • Learn to use body language and speech variations such as volume, pitch, fluency and articulation to create a positive and dynamic presence
  • Storytelling exercises that conveys authenticity and personal style
  • Exploring approaches & techniques to acting and character development
  • Understand how to critically examine text and subtext
  • Prepare a speech or monologue for presentation
  • Receive individual coaching
  • Meet new people and have fun in a low-pressure environment!

Act. Perform. Laugh & Learn

For more information email us at or call our office at 416 703 – 4881


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