Thank You Young Company!

Another successful run of SIA’s Young Company for Teens Camp. We must take the time out to shout out everyone who was involved in making this camp so successful.

Our young teens have embarked on a 4 week long, intensive journey into acting, film production and film techniques. Our teens bravely took one one of Shakespeare’s great plays Richard III – this intense, historical play allowed our teens to work closer within the text to analyze and study their relationships with their characters on a deeper level. The teens also disembarked from traditional stage performances to a different and innovative site-specific approach for the presentation of the play.

This innovative approach was guided by our Director – Joe Bucci, Assistant Director – Justine Christensen. Stage Manager – Danielle Laurin and our principal Photographer/Videographer Sophia Sam.

We must also thank our senior staff of Michael Kelly, Jeanine Thrasher and Neil Silcox for all our their hard work preparing and prepping for months to make this camp so successful. It’s been a fantastic SIA summer and we hope to see you all next year!



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