Kids Summer Camp Success – Thank You

After another successful run of our Shakespeare for Kids Summer Camp, we must take the time out to thank everyone who made this year possible.

Kids ages 8-12 years old bravely took on Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” – the show was split into two versions. Based on our kids wonderful imaginations, they decided to set the first version in the city of Paris. The second, was set in the fashionable districts of Tokyo, Japan. These innovative versions of Shakespeare’s best loved play has never been done this way by Shakespeare In Action before.

Our kids worked for two weeks remembering lines, designing props and costumes. All the while they were building friendships and confidence. We would take the time out to thank all of our wonderful camp participants for bringing their enthusiasm, energy and fearlessness to camp everyday!

We must also thank our Director  – Aris Athanasopoulos
Assistant Directors  – Kristiian Hansen and Gabriella Sundar Singh
Stage Manager – Danielle Laurin and our principal Photographer/Videographer Sophia Sam.

Lastly, for all of their hard work, coordination and patience leading up to camp, we must thank our Camp Coordinator, Jeanine Thrasher as well as our senior staff Managing Producer, Neil Silcox and Artistic Director, Michael Kelly.

Our camp is such an enriching and fun experience for kids who come to realize a great love  for classic literary works, and a passion for performance and fun! We look forward to bringing you more next year!

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