Toronto Fringe 2016 – #scarecrow

Celia Aloma is one of SIA artists, who will be performing in #scarecrow. The first full-length play by Chantel McDonald and first production for Hard-Bitten Productions! This play was well-received in the Piece of Mine festival Fall 2015, and they can’t wait to produce it at the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival at the Robert Gill Theatre.

#scarecrow is a dark comedy which explores how our projected image can feel more real than our skin. It examines how our friendships, lifestyles and even our sense of self are being shaped by social media.  We are asking what are the possible consequences when we fall short of the person we portray to be online.

Dates and Times ;

Friday July 1, 5:15pm
Saturday July 2, 9:15pm
Monday July 4, 6:30pm
Wednesday July 6, 12pm
Thursday July 7, 3:30pm
Friday July 8, 9:15pm
Sunday July 10, 2:45pm


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