BOW DOWN! Rookie of the Year coming through!

Just kidding! Well, not about the Rookie of the Year thing.

Today when I came into the office, there was a trophy waiting for me lovingly labeled “Rookie of the Year,” which was bestowed upon me for being the first intern to book a workshop! My parents are so proud! I could be gracious and say that this has been the glowing triumph of my time at Shakespeare in Action, yet I cannot.


In the short time I have been an intern for Shakespeare in Action I have enjoyed meeting the creative people who flow through the office the most! Starting with the people who run the show: Kyle and Jenny are the nicest supervisors who are always ready to dish out advice or joke around. As well, the Artistic Director Michael, whom I met today, was so warm and welcoming to this lowly intern that I wanted to be his best friend. Immediately.

Not only are the administrators wonderful, but the artists involved in the organization are equally as amazing! Christopher, Celia, and Marcel who are running the Shakespeare Meets Hip Hop interactive tour came through the office this morning and took time to say hi to the new face in the office (me) before getting straight to work on their rehearsal. (It’s also Marcel’s birthday so Kyle is out getting him a cake, but it’s a surprise so don’t tell!)

It’s obvious that everyone who comes through the office not only cares about this organization, but also one another and the power of art education, which, if I’m honest, better than a trophy.

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