Introducing: Claire, Administrative and Production Intern

I am very excited to take part in Shakespeare in Action’s internship program for Arts Administration and Production! I believe the 2014/2015 season will be a thrilling one and hope to further improve my skills in fundraising, marketing, outreach programs and general administration.
Originally from St. Catharines, ON, I am a graduate of the Dalhousie University 2010 Acting and Theatre Programme. I had resided in Halifax for six years where I became involved in it’s theatre community. This experience includes both writing, directing and performing in various independent theatre productions as well as arts administration. I now live in Toronto where I hope to further build my career in Theatre.
More recently, I have developed a genuine appreciation for beer. I currently work at Steam Whistle Brewing within their Events, Promotions and Retail. I am, also, the creator and owner of Bark n’ Barley, an all natural dog biscuit brand made with Steam Whistle Brewing’s spent barley grain.
In my spare time, I love reading at various coffee shops around the city, walking our dog, baking, frequenting cinemas and theatres, and discovering the endless films, documentaries and tv series on Netflix. Thank you Shakespeare in Action for inviting me to the team. Cheers!


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