Introducing: Yamini, Administrative and Production Intern


Hello everyone! My name is Yamini Coen and I’m one of the new Administration and Production Interns at Shakespeare In Action. I’m a huge literature lover, especially contemporary literature, ironically mainly as a result of many grueling years of school. Contemporary literature wouldn’t be nearly as crazy and experimental if it didn’t have Shakespeare to model after. Shakespeare has always been one of my primary sources of entertainment, either through laughter at extremely ridiculous situations, like in Twelfth Night, or through my mind being blown at the end of basically all his tragedies.

I’m also a pop culture aficionado, which Shakespeare configures in a lot more than you would think. While my favourite Shakespeare play is Othello, the best Shakespeare teen film adaptation, in my opinion, is not O but 10 Things I Hate About You, where Julia Stiles embraces Shakespearean comedy much better than tragedy. She’s The Man is pretty enjoyable too.

I’m so excited to join the Shakespeare in Action team and to have an opportunity to contribute to the learning of Shakespeare in Toronto and Ontario schools. His work still resonates to this day, and, from my own experience, it is through education that his plays can be understood in their splendor. Thanks for having me, Shakespeare in Action!


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