Some New Faces at SIA

The SIA office has been busy preparing for the Shakespeare Meets Hip Hop tour and the Shakespeare Challenge, so we haven’t had the chance to formally introduce some new members to the team! We are happy to bring Steve Haviaras on as our Interim General Manager, and Kyle Villeneuve will be our Administrator/ Marketing Manager.


Steve Haviaras

Steve Haviaras has been an arts administrator his entire career in Canada and the U.S. while serving in management, fundraising, marketing and communication roles for symphony orchestras, opera and theatre companies, conservatories and arts education organizations throughout North America. Also, as President of Arts Consulting International, Steve has been actively involved with numerous performing arts organizations, granting agencies and arts alliances as well as being a frequent lecturer on arts administration. Steve has dedicated his career to creating vibrant, relevant and self-sustaining arts organizations while also helping to further develop arts education, advocate for the arts and help nurture vibrant cultural communities. “ I am excited to be a part of Shakespeare In Action, working with its dedicated staff and supporters to help advance and promote the arts to young audiences and our community while contributing to the ongoing viability and growth of such a dynamic and worthwhile organization.”


Kyle Villeneuve

Kyle grew up in Ottawa, where he first got involved in performance in
school and community theatres. After studying theatre at Brock
University, Kyle moved to Toronto to chase a career in the arts. Kyle
has spent several years touring schools through out Southern Ontario,
as well as performing sketch comedy in various venues in Toronto. Kyle
blames his family and friends for encouraging the kind of behavior
that led him to a career in the arts.


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