Nuit Blanche 2014

Nuit Blanche is one of the most exciting times of the year for artists and art lovers in Toronto. Streets all across Downtown Toronto will be closed from sunset to sunrise, and will be filled with art exhibits of every kind, from sculptures, to interactive installations, to short film screenings!

Here is a list of some of the projects that we are hoping to see on Saturday night. If you are a fan of reading, performance, or community art, you might enjoy them too!

1. Incandescent Community Mural

By: Neighbourhood Arts Network

Throughout the evening participants will be invited to paint symbols, words and images on the mural as it links to themes of creativity, community and equity. Using non-toxic sheer high gloss paints, the 7ft tall cylindrical free standing structure that glows from within will gradually become an illuminated colourful installation that celebrates the impact of the arts in our neighbourhoods and the collective creativity of all of Toronto’s diverse people.

Read more about the project here!

2. Shy Lights

By: Urban Visuals

In the city at night, a circular spot of light might represent performance or surveillance. In each case, light aims to illuminate its subject. But what if lights instead resisted their subjects? What if those lights were shy?

Shy Lights explores the distinction between spotlight and searchlight by reversing the roles of light and subject. Six beams of light act as anti-spotlights that move to avoid illuminating participants in this interactive installation.

Read more about the project here!

3. Goodnight Storytime

By: Diaspora Dialogues

An interactive literary installation where audiences can take some time from their busy lives to relive the calm moments of childhood, take a brief nap, and listen to some of Toronto’s best and brightest authors read their stories.

Read more about the project here!


By: Tony Conrad and Jennifer Walshe

THE SIGNING is a street spectacle shadow opera created simply with a sound system and a hanging projection scrim. The conceptual narrative revolves around the dramatic tension, both psychological and social, enacted in the signing of a document such as a loan form, a divorce, a recruitment form or a contract.

Read more about the project here!

5. Split Chorale for Viljo Revell

By: Kathryn Andrews and Scott Benzel

Responding to the architecture of Toronto’s City Hall (Viljo Revell, 1965), nicknamed “The Eye of the Government” because its shape is much like a large eye overlooking Nathan Phillips Square, artist Kathryn Andrews presents a large-scale performance work that transforms the building’s multilayered interior into an inverted theatre, where the traditional posts of performer and audience are swapped. Upon entering the building, visitors encounter a panoply of video montages floating on its central stalk, while simultaneously being viewed by a legion of choral singers engaged in a marathon drone.

Read more about the project here!

What projects are you most excited to see this year at Nuit Blanche? Leave a comment and let us know!


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