Meet the SIA Summer Camp Team- Anna

Hello future friends! I’m Anna (rhymes with Banana, not like the Princess from Frozen) and I will be your Summer Associate for the kid’s camp this summer. I am so excited to meet all of you and I thought that I would let you all know a little bit about myself. Just the important stuff, I promise.

Most Important Things About Anna Fraser:

1. I have an adorable puppy. Okay, well in dog years she is an adult, but she is still a puppy at heart. Her name is Phoenix and she is amazing.


2. I love ice-cream and lollipops. I usually have lollipops with me because I love them that much. This is a photo of me seriously enjoying ice-cream.


3. My favourite Shakespeare play is Romeo and Juliet.The first version I ever saw was the movie with Leonardo and Claire and I have seen it many times since.


4. My first role ever in a play was as a Peach Tree who was very mean to other trees. That’s right I was a tree villain. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of this, but I do have some photos of me in other plays I have been in.


I look forward to getting to know all of you! Let’s have a great show!


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