Typing of the Dead- When Shakespeare Meets Zombies

Zombies and Shakespeare– really, that’s possible?! According to my Google search “Shakespeare zombies”: yes! And no, there isn’t a catch. I love zombie culture stuff, so I couldn’t help but make this Google search happen. The highlight: there’s a video game called Typing Of The Dead, a zombie typing game where your one and only defense is a weapon triggered through typing Shakespeare quotes on your computer.

The rules of Typing Of The Dead are pretty simple: zombies will chase you and in order to defend yourself against the zombies, and use the power of Shakespeare, through a weapon called the Shake Speare, you have to type the Shakespeare quotes that appear on screen as quickly as possible. Who knew Shakespeare quotes could be such an effective defense against the undead?

The Shakespearean version comes from a version of Typing Of The Dead that was released as a special edition of the game that replaces the default, contemporary dictionary with Shakespearean phrases and quotes from the original play. Typing Of The Dead was designed as a typing focused version of the video game, House Of The Dead.


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