Would You Like a Mint With Your Shakespeare?

Here’s another great Shakespeare candy finding! Some of you may recall my previous Shakespeare candy finding, Shakespeare insult chewing gum. Candy is a great way to induldge people in Shakespeare in a way that’s friendly, accessible and literally…you guessed it, sweet. The thing that makes the candy that’s discussed in today’s blog post different from other Shakespeare themed candy is that it isn’t sweet. It’s minty, and goes by the name After Shakespeare Mints. I chose to write about the After Shakespeare Mints, because the idea is both witty and genius. Why? Because ending a performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays with the taste of minty freshness in your mouth is the perfect idea. Why, I don’t know why something about combining mints with a Shakespeare performance just seems so…right. Yes, I sound like I’m trying to sell the product but I promise you that my views on this subject are my own and not the company.

The After Shakespeare Mints are strong wintergreen mints in a Shakespearean tin. They’re a product of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. “Wait…a minute did you just say unemployed philosophers?” You are probably thinking after reading the sentence above.The first time I figured out who’s reponsible for the mints I asked myself the following: is it literally made by unemployed philosophers?! According to the website, the origin of the guild is mysterious. The first two origins of the company I don’t feel entirely certain I should take seriously, and the final one seems much more plausable. The creators traced the guild’s origin to either Ancient Greece, Middle ages, or contemporary New York City Lower East Side, where two brothers, due to their creativity and love for paying the rent, worked together to create finger puppets, coffee cups, slippers, and various knick knacks that are meant to cause people to have a good laugh.

The wittyness and genius nature of the product has made me want my own After Shakespeare mints. Currently in the process of searching for them, over the long term, in local candy stores. When I googled the After Shakespeare Mints, I found out how to purchase them online. Just in case you’re as intrigued by the product as I am and want your own mints, here’s a link that shows you how to order them online: (http://www.philosophersguild.com/After-Shakespeare-Mints.html). The procceds go to a combination of unemployed philosophers, various charities, and some hard working dudes who are rather fond of paying the rent.


Above: After Shakespeare Mints: the tin!! Photo Source: Unemployed Philosophers Guild. After Shakespeare Mints.(http://www.philosophersguild.com/After-Shakespeare-Mints.html)


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