Another Photo Friday! Shakespeare’s Star Wars

Happy Friday everyone. Do I ever have a treat for you! Do you like Star Wars? Do you like Shakespeare? Do you like Star Wars and Shakespeare? Guess what? You no longer need to choose between your love for Shakespeare’s plays and your love for George Lucas’ Star Wars series thanks to Ian Doescher’s Shakespeare remix of one of the script of one of the Star Wars movies. I found this randomly online one day and I thought I’d take a minute to share with all of you lovely readers my accidental discovery that is now on my long term book wish list and, if you love the idea of Shakespeare style Star Wars and think it’s as silly and genius as I do I’m sure you’re as enthusiastic and intrigued as I am. There’s also a more in depth description of the book on the thinkgeek website  and check out this book trailer that explains the book’s concept.

In a nut shell the focus of my Friday post is the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars as pictured below.  Fun fact: everything from the illustrations, to the text are done in a Shakespeare meets Star Wars style:



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