Halloween Costumes By Shakespeare!

Halloween is only 2 days away, so if you’re still stuck for a costume here are some ideas for inspiration. I’ve thought of some character costumes that really work great for 2 people or even a small group to get dressed up together. So get creative and make yourself a fun and fabulous costume without breaking the bank!

Re-invent this iconic look from Anthony & Cleopatra!


For Cleopatra-Use beads from any craft store and braid them into your hair to create this royal look. Big heavy gladiator jewellery was a big trend so any ladies accessories stores should carry statement necklaces and bracelets in this fashion. Pair up those accessories with a maxi dress and don’t forget that signature black eyeliner!

For Anthony-Start with a simple white short sleeved shirt and linen pants. Visit a Vintage/Used Clothing store and find a belt to wear over your shirt. Look for interesting accessories like bracelets and arm bands. A pair of sandals will tie this look together. You can even use tin foil to create a breastplate that won’t weigh you down!

The new Romeo & Juliet movie just hit the big screen, another great costume idea! And it’s been explored in cinema in so many different eras, you could really have fun and get creative with this one!

For the more traditional Elizabethan dress you might want to rent this look from a costume shop, however, if you’re on a budget, start digging at your local second-hand shop. Textures are important, think velvets and suedes. For Juliet, bell-sleeves are a signature look, achieve this look by tying some fabric at the elbows of a lose-fitting blouse and let a long bow hang at your sides! Then pair that up with a long skirt.

For Romeo-Only brave men willing to wear tights can pull this look off. Find or rent a long jacket, again think textures and embellishments high collars. Wear a pair of boots and carry a fake sword for fun!

In the 1996 Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet movie this was an unforgettable look. Make your own angel wings with cardboard and cover them in feathers from a craft store. Again, tin foil armour is impressive and inexpensive!

What about Caliban from The Tempest?! You could really create something spooky…

Wear some old and tattered clothes and go crazy with face paint for this one! Green and black colours look great and rock a head of messy bed-head hair!

Find inspiration from Midsummer Night’s Dream…Fairies and magical enchanted creatures!

Accessories like wings or fake flowers can be found at your local discount or dollar store. Ladies with long hair wear your hair down decorated with headbands or flowers or wear a wig. Again play with makeup to find your inner fairy, use sparkles and pastel colours!

Wishing you a fun and safe Halloween, from Shakespeare in Action!


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