Would Shakespeare be social media savvy if he were alive today?

#hashtag…Like…Tweet…Pin…I can’t keep up.

Unlike most of my generation, the social media revolution is too much for me to handle most days! Today I was on the train down to the Shakespeare in Action office and almost everyone around me had a phone in their hands and/or headphones in their ears, myself included, because as much as I say that the social media phenomenon is beyond me, I’m addicted to scrolling through emails and Facebook, especially while I’m on public transit. Looking around I wondered “What are we all so busy doing?” Distracting ourselves with our phones and devices, it’s a habit. It’s company. It’s protection when we’re alone out in public. I know I’m guilty of compulsive phone checking all the time! So I got to thinking, if William Shakespeare were alive and working as a writer in 2013, how social media savvy would he be? I imagine that he’d have to be, or we wouldn’t know who he was. Writers and artists of today work on establishing and creating an authentic image and brand, having a presence and a following online is important….who has time to do that AND make art? Indeed we’re living in a completely different time. A time where we’re “plugged in” most of the time, sometimes that’s a great advantage and a wonderful tool as an artist…other times it makes me wish I was writing in a simpler time. So today, I’m commending all the modern-day Shakespeare’s who may be reading this. The bloggers, the hopefuls mailing packages to publishing houses, the playwrights applying for grants, keep going! I want to hear your words! and of course I’ll Like, add, post, re-tweet accordingly 😉   



One comment

  1. [ Smiles ] Yes, I think that Shakespeare would have been social media savvy if her were alive today.

    I believe that he would do it in moderation and would often ask himself, “To post, or not to post?”

    Nice brain-teaser.

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