Featured Intern: Rosemary Richings


Hi there!

My name’s Rosemary and I’m a brand new addition to the Shakespeare In Action team. Being part of the Shakespeare In Action team allows me to be a major part of something relating to one of my greatest passions: theatre which is awesome!

I’m primarily a writer but theatre has always been a part of my life. As the daughter of a local film/theatre/television actor I spent a lot of time growing up on theatre and film sets. The first time I ever set foot on set a major fascination with the film and theatre production  process started to develop within me. I started off taking acting classes at Young People’s Theatre , wrote my first play, Streets Of The Western Corners at age 15 for Tarragon Theatre’s annual under 20 for under 20s playwriting contest, and  had my first performed play by age 17, which was also my directing debut at Tarragon Theatre’s Paprika Festival.

Currently I’m in my fifth and final year of my English and Drama Studies double major at York University’s Glendon College. On campus I’ve been involved in a number of different productions in multiple capacities: as an actor, director, playwright, assistant stage manager, and props assistant. I made a rock that’s still used in many theatre glendon productions for a production of the french play, Les Disputes, acted in two theatre glendon mainstage productions: Vinegar Tom and a loose adaptation of Marat Sade called Move(me)ant set during the occupy movement in the U.S, acted in two glendon student theatre festival plays, directed a scene study of Eugene Ionesco’s The Chairs, and last year I wrote and directed a glendon student theatre festival play called Waiting. I also write plays, short stories, and poetry and some of my writing has been performed at community open mic and poetry slam events. I’m also trying to self-teach myself screenplay writing which I made my first attempt at as part of a film class at York University this past summer.

Learning more about this organization has been a wonderful  discovery and I’m looking forward to being a part of the Shakespeare In Action team. Follow me on twitter: @rosiemay_r and check out my writing, arts and culture blog: http://www.rosiewritingspace.blogspot.ca.



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