What if Shakespeare was not the author after all?…

The place was tenth grade English class. The subject was William Shakespeare, his work and his life. One brave and dubious student (not me, I was quiet and studious) raised his hand and boldly stated, “I heard that we don’t even know if Shakespeare actually wrote his plays! Apparently there were like 3 dudes writing together or something like that. So why do we even have to study this anymore?” I was stunned. I was a little mad that my classmate had disillusioned my image of Shakespeare too. I can’t remember what my English teacher’s response was. I do remember that it was something just as sharp because we continued on studying King Lear.

Today while working away on a press release about The Shakespeare Challenge, (recruiting has started FYI and it’s going to be sensational! http://www.shakespeareinaction.org/shakespeare-challenge) I happened upon this quote from Twelfth Night:

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great,

some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”

–William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

So it made me think…maybe it’s harder than ever for us to believe that someone could be that great, that a single person could write and produce a body of work like Shakespeare did. So today I’m going to challenge myself to believe in the possibility and the potential for greatness…because why not, right?! And because maybe those who are dubious are really just afraid.


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