Featured Intern – Dianne Oliveira

Hi! I’m Dianne Oliveira and I am thrilled to be joining the team at Shakespeare In Action for their 2013/14 season. Since graduating from Sheridan’s Musical Theatre Performance Program back in 2010, I’ve had many opportunities to expand upon the skills I gained while training as a performer. I’ve explored the special events and entertainment industries as a performer and event planner, so it’s quite fitting now that I find myself here, interning at Shakespeare in Action. I am excited about gaining experience in marketing and fundraising and learning more about the inner workings of a theatre company. I believe I am both artistic & business-minded and I am happy to have an opportunity to draw upon all my skills to do my part to add to the success of SIA.

I remember my mother buying me a copy of Romeo and Juliet from a Scholastic Book Order when I was in the sixth grade. I didn’t quite understand it, but I liked how reading Shakespeare made me feel…smart, creative, like I could imagine a play or a movie in my mind. Studying Shakespeare in High School was fun, especially because we’d take a trip to Stratford to see live performances of the material we had studied on the page. I believe the work that SIA is doing is extremely important to the community at large, and I am delighted to be working with new people and growing as an arts professional.


Me as a kid…

Me today on my way to the Shakespeare In Action Office for my first day on the job 😀

I’m very excited to meet Kim Haladay this morning I’ll be shadowing her and setting some goals for the big SIA fundraiser on FEBRUARY 8 2014! Mark your calendars! I’ll be writing, posting and promoting a lot from now till then!


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