Featured Intern – Alexandra

alexandra blog photoHello Shakespeare Fans!

My name is Alexandra and I am a teacher candidate at OISE.  I am delighted to be interning and spending the month of May working with Shakespeare in Action.

My passion and love for the arts began at the age of 6 when I began studying ballet, jazz and tap.  A year later, I was blessed to have the opportunity to audition for a professional production of “Annie” in which I played the role of Molly – and so began my love addiction with theatre.  Throughout my youth I performed professionally in several musical theatre productions (The Sound of Music, Evita, Footloose, Les Misérables and Jane Eyre).   I also tested my acting chops in TV and Animation.

I completed my undergrad at Ryerson University in the Theatre Performance – Dance Programme.  The 4 years I spent at Ryerson were greatly influential – the opportunity to learn from the incredibly talented faculty was a blessing, but even more so, I learned the true impact a great teacher can have on their students.  The faculty inspired and encouraged each and every one of us and I  have to credit them for building my self-confidence and inspiring me to always push myself to my limits.  My experience at Ryerson – learning from the amazing and supportive faculty influenced my decision to become a teacher.

I am now finishing my year at OISE and am so excited to have the opportunity to intern at Shakespeare in Action.  While I have a strong background in dance and musical theatre…I have to be honest that I know very little about Shakespeare and even less about how to incorporate Shakespeare into my own classrooms in a fun and interactive way. The arts are so important in education.  I am looking forward to working with the team here and having the opportunity to learn how Shakespeare in Action designs their programs for teachers and students while also becoming more familiar with Shakespeare myself!

This is my first time blogging so I apologize if this is a little boring so far…I suppose I should tell you some “fun” facts about me…so here I go!

I was born in Hamilton…I have an older brother and sister.

My brother is 19 years older, my sister is 8 years older…

I am very active – I run, dance, bike, swim and most recently have become obsessed with spinning 🙂

I also sing (musical theatre…mostly)

I love animals…I have a cat named Mikey and two dogs – Rosie and Dewey.

I have been skydiving once and hope to do it again soon!


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