Shakespeare Alive

Got a case of the school-day blues? Work-day blues? Well, ‘as good luck would have it’ (The Merry Wives of Windsor, III. v), we’ve got just the thing for you. An instant pick-me-up called SHAKESPEARE ALIVE…coming soon to a school theatre, gymnasium and classroom near you!

  • Tour dates: April 29th – May 10th, 2013
  • Location: elementary and secondary schools across Ontario
  • Grades 4-12
  • 2 daily performances at 10am and 2pm

Have a sneak preview:

Shakespeare In Action proudly presents SHAKESPEARE ALIVE – an affordable, interactive touring performance for Ontario school students, grades 4-12. Brought to you by three professional actors, this 75-minute presentation features sketches of Shakespeare’s life and times, as well as acted scenes from the plays. Choose from 4 of the Bard’s most famous works – Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Hamlet.

SHAKESPEARE ALIVE is both a theatrical experience and an educational opportunity. It brings professional theatre into schools, allowing students to develop an understanding and appreciation for Shakespeare’s works. It rekindles in them, the spark and excitement of storytelling that is at the very root of the plays. By giving them a chance to speak up and engage with the actors, students are able to break through the Elizabethan language barrier!

The tour is on LIMITED ENGAGEMENT. Register NOW to reserve your spot by visiting the website here, by emailing, OR by calling 416-703-4881

[WARNING: Watching a performance of Shakespeare Alive may include side effects of having fun, student participation, and sudden outbursts of Elizabethan speech]

– by Vineeta

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