Featured Intern – Hannah

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Hello fellow Shakespeare Fans!

My name is Hannah and I was born and raised in Ottawa! (We will leave all hockey debates for another time.) I will be one of the production and admin interns for Shakespeare In Action.

One of my first introductions to Shakespeare would be when my mom took me to see the 2000 production of Hamlet at Stratford staring Paul Gross (Growing up I enjoyed watching Paul Gross as a kick butt Mountie on the TV series “Due South”.) Saying that I fell in love with theatre would be an understatement. The amazing sets and costumes with incredible actors transporting you into this new world, this gal was hooked. I started taking acting classes at the local theatre school and went from there. I attended Canterbury Arts High School for drama then followed my passion by attending the Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto for theatre production. I recently graduated Ryerson with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Production and a minor in Marketing.

Three fun facts about me: I am the middle child of three girls, I love to draw and I am a smidge of a comic book nerd. I am thrilled to join SIA for this fun season and look forward to learning more about the Bard!


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