Shakespeare Uncovered

A BBC 4 series that aired last June is finally making its way across the pond! Fittingly called Shakespeare Uncovered, the show brings together six prolific actors and directors, who explore the history and stories behind a few of Shakespeare’s plays.

There are six episodes in total, with each episode focusing on a play(s):

  • Episode one is about Macbeth. And Ethan Hawke. And Ethan Hawke exploring the possibilities of playing Macbeth on stage.
  • Episode two has Joely Richardson and her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, talking about the heroines in comedies, Twelfth Night and As You Like It.
  • Episode three examines the politics and performance of Richard II, with Derek Jacobi leading the discussion.
  • Episode four showcases the Henrys – Henry IV and Henry V. It’s presented by Jeremy Irons, who played the title role in a recent TV adaptation.
  • Episode five is the Hamlet episode brought to you by David Tennant, who plays a mean Hamlet himself.
  • And finally, Episode six, in which director Trevor Nunn attempts to unravel the magic and supernatural of The Tempest.

North American viewers will have a chance to watch the series in two-episode segments, premiering on January 25th (9-11pm EST) on PBS. Shakespeare on a Friday night? ‘Tis a fair sight! Visit the PBS website for complete programming info:

(By: Vineeta Moraes)


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