Shakespeare Challenge – Featured Player, Natasha Imtiaz Kurd!

Meet Shakespeare Challenge participant, Natasha Imtiaz Kurd!

The Shakespeare Challenge has begun! 10 members of the GTA community have teamed up, are fundraising, and are rehearsing The Tempest with our Founding Artistic Director, Michael Kelly. 
They’ll all step into the spotlight for the gala performance on Saturday, February 23rd, at the historic Arts & Letters Club of Toronto.

All proceeds support access to the arts through Shakespeare in Action’s ticket subsidy program, TD Shakespeare for Kids Library Club, and Shakespeare Fight Club.

Meet Shakespeare Challenge participant, Natasha Imtiaz Kurd!

To support Natasha, click here!

NATASHA IMTIAZ KURD – Born and raised in Brantford, ON, Natasha lived there for 19 years before continuing her passion for the arts by attending Centennial College’s Art and Design Foundations and Fine Art Studio in Toronto. After graduation, she returned to Brantford for the year and landed a job with Banana Republic. In 2012, Natasha attended OCAD University for Material Art and Design and is still continuing her studies at the school to this day.

Describe a memorable theatrical experience you had as a child.
A memorable experience of theatre as a child was when I came to the Sanderson Center in my hometown, Brantford, and watched the play Robinson Crusoe, I was so astounded by the vastness of the theater and the famous painting of a centaur playing a flute with 3 or 4 fairies dancing around. I was so blown away with the beauty of the place I couldn’t believe a small theatre on the outside could hold a huge stage on the inside.

Why are you taking The Shakespeare Challenge?
I have joined the Shakespeare Challenge because I wanted to take my acting passions a step further and surround myself with people with the same passion as I do. I wanted to gain more experience with acting and know people who are in the industry. A good bonus was the fundraising to help other youth have the chance to experience theater as well.

What’s your favourite sweet treat?
I LOVE crème brûlée and red velvet cake!

Help Natasha achieve her goal by donating to her Giving Page:


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