CO-OP Student Introduction

Hello everybody, I’m Johnathan Clancy, a recent graduate from Earl Haig S. S. and their Claude Watson, School of Arts program, where I majored in drama. I am currently taking a grade 13 year, and applying to Ryerson and York for stagetech.

An interesting fact about me is the fact that I am the youngest of four. What’s interesting is that we were all born in entirely different seasons, are all about threes years older or younger than the sibling in either direction, and summer/winter are the seasons of my brother and I while Spring/Autumn are the seasons of my eldest and youngest sister respectively.

Also my brother is the eldest sibling, so not only do the male siblings represent the seasonal extremes, we also are at the highest and lowest points on the chronological order, with our sisters in a mild, grey, middle. Interpret that how you will.

I will now admit that I have never been a fan of Shakespeare’s work. (Cue horrified gasping.) Yes, it is true. However over the years I have developed an appreciation, if not a genuine like for his work. Especially after watching a truly marvelous production of Titus Andronicus in 2011. It, it was just grand.

This is why I am so excited to be working here at Shakespeare in Action: I get to learn about work done behind the scenes of productions, while I can also delve a bit deeper into a branch of theatre that I am almost-kind-of-beginning-to-be-sort-of-interested in. (Cue confused and awkward applause.)

Some other facts about me: I am a native Torontonian, I love reading books (sci-fi fantasy, and graphic novels are my favorites.), listening to music, hiking, and horoscopes. This is also my first blog post ever!


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