What if Shakespeare…were a ZOOKEEPER?

Who doth desire to see (1) strange beasts (2)? Then follow me, and give me audience, friends. (3)

The rugged Russian bear, the arm’d rhinoceros, or the Hyrcan tiger (4) shall not harm thee, (5) [for] nature teaches beasts to know their friends. (6)

[Here is] the mournful crocodile (7). ‘Tis a strange serpent. … And the tears of it are wet. (8)

What trumpet’s that? (9) The elephant hath joints, but none for courtesy; his legs are legs for necessity, not for flexure. (10)

What, shall [you] seek the lion in his den (11)? A very gentle beast, of a good conscience. … Well roared, lion. (12) A king of beasts, indeed (13).

Come, let us go (14); [it is] about the sixth hour; when beasts most graze, birds best peck, and men sit down to that nourishment which is called supper (15).

1) Julius Caesar, II.i

2) As You Like It, V.iv

3) Julius Caesar, III.ii

4) Macbeth, III.iv

5) A Midsummer Night’s Dream, III.ii

6) Coriolanus, II.i

7) King Henry VI, Part II, III.i

8) Antony and Cleopatra, II.vii

9) King Lear, II.iv

10) Toilus and Cressida, II.iii

11) A Midsummer Night’s Dream, V.i

12) King John, V.i

13) King Richard, II, V.i

14) Much Ado About Nothing, IV.i

15) Love’s Labour’s Lost, I.i

Shakespeare re-arranged by Lisa

Image: ClipArt ETC – Heer, J. C. Guide to Lucerne (Lucerne: H. Keller’s Foreign Printing Office, 1907) 168


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