Featured Intern! Ingrid Pleitez

Hello Lovely Readers,

I thought i would start this post by quoting a cheesy movie i often quote its from oh but of course the cheesy Nacho Libre he says ” Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty, tell me who is this.. Incarnacion” (in this case it will be Ingrid)

And with that you should probably know that i often quote movies, tv shows and sing songs…. just because.

I can’t pass by a bookstore without going inside and/ or buying a book. I love libraries i could spend hours in a library just taking out a pile of books and building a reading nest.

I’m a scorpio. yes i like horoscopes.

As a child i was quiet and shy. Although there are videos that prove otherwise.

After graduating from York University’s Glendon Campus in Drama studies and Philosophy this is my new adventure.

I’m super excited to be working with Shakespeare in Action this season. It promises to be a exciting season. Its been a blast thus far. I’m hoping to get involved in the productions and be an extra hand in all that is needed.

Let the bard begin!


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