What if Shakespeare…were HARRY POTTER?

Happy Birthday Harry!

We love Shakespeare, we love J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, and we could not resist.

‘Tis time to celebrate them together!

[Outside Hogwarts.  Harry, wearing his invisibility cloak, attended by Ron and Hermione]

HARRY:  [To Hermione] ‘Tis time / …Lend thy hand, / And pluck my magic garment from me.  So: [Lays down his invisibility cloak, revealing himself] / Lie there, my art (1).

VOLDEMORT:  Show me [the] one scar character’d on thy skin / …flesh preserved so whole do seldom win (2).

HARRY:  He jests at scars that never felt a wound (3).  [Our wands] are birds of the selfsame feather (4): Two stars keep not their motion in one sphere; / Nor can [the wizard world] brook a double reign, / of Harry [Potter] and [Lord Voldemort] (5).

VOLDEMORT:  I bear a charmed life, which must not yield (6).  Sumbit thee, boy (7).

HARRY:  [Dumbledore’s] soul / Is but a little way above our heads, / Staying for thine to keep him company: / Either thou, or I, or both, must go with him (8).

VOLDEMORT:  Thou, wretched boy, that didst consort him here, / Shalt with him hence! (9)  Come basilisk, / And kill the innocent gazer with thy sight; / For in the shades of death I shall find joy (10).

HARRY:  Men for their sons, wives for their husbands, / And orphans for their parents’ timeless death – / Shall rue the hour that ever thou wast born. / The owl shriek’d at thy birth, – an evil sign. (11).  When every feather sticks in his own wing, / Lord [Voldemort] will be left a naked gull, / Which flashes now a phoenix! (12)

[The battle ensues…]

HARRY:  A feather will turn the scale (13).  [Fawkes criesHarry strikes.]  There stand, [Voldemort disintegrates] / For thou art spell-stopped (14).

Inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series; Shakespeare re-arranged by Laboni Islam

1)  The Tempest, I.ii, 111-113

2)  Henry VI, Part II; III.i; 1585-1586

3)  Romeo & Juliet, II.i, 845

4)  Henry VI, Part III; III.iii, 1858

5)  Henry IV, Part I; V.iv; 3023-3025

6)  Macbeth, V.viii, 2489

7)  King John, II.i, 455

8)  Romeo & Juliet, III.i, 1635-1637

9)  Romeo & Juliet, III.i, 1638-1639

10)  Henry VI, Part II; III.ii; 1733-1735

11)  Henry VI, Part III; V.vi; 3036-3039

12)  Timon of Athens, II.i, 658-660

13)  Measure for Measure, IV.ii, 1912-1913

14)  The Tempest, V.i, 2089-2090


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