Happy Bard-day Shakespeare!

Well Will (if I may be so informal), we celebrated your 448th in style with a Midsummer Night’s Dream Residency show at The Mabin School and 7 workshops at the Fieldstone Day School, Kindergarten to Grade 6!

Fieldstone Day School Workshops: Sasha Singer-Wilson and the Kindergarteners fall in love with “Romeo & Juliet”

Fieldstone Day School Workshops: The Grade 1s get a leg up on “Twelfth Night”

Fieldstone Day School Workshops: Miriam Fernandes and the Grade 2s act up a storm with “The Tempest”

Fieldstone Day School Workshops: Mladen Obradovic and the Grade 3s brew up some drama with “Macbeth”

Fieldstone Day School Workshops: Thomas Morgan Jones and the Grade 4s take a stab at “Hamlet”

Fieldstone Day School Workshops: Glen Gaston and the Grade 6s also take a stab at “Julius Caesar”

Happy Bard-day Shakespeare! You are aging remarkably well. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

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