Monday Mystery

First off- Happy New Year to all!

Welcome to the year 2012: the year the Mayan calendar ends, a year of remounts at Shakespeare in Action, and most importantly the year of the first ever Shakespeare Challenge. If you haven’t heard about it yet, check out our previous post for more information!

We at Shakespeare in Action know that a lot of people start off the new year with resolutions. We understand that the majority of adults resolve to lose weight, while the majority of teens resolve to get higher grades. However, here’s another idea (and on of my resolutions): stupport the arts! Go see shows, make donations to your favourite theatres and organizations! It’s not hard to show your support 🙂  


And now on to our traditional Monday Mystery to entertain those of us who are back at school/work today…

May the guessing begin!


“This dream of mine,—
Being now awake, I’ll queen it no inch farther,
But milk my ewes and weep. ”



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