Did you know that once a show closes, the production and artistic team have a Post Mortem? Shakespeare in Action just had one for Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth this week. 

Post Mortem –   “done, occurring, or collected after death”. In the medical world an autopsy is an examination on a cadaver to determine or confirm the cause of death.



In the theatre world, a POST MORTEM is a critical assestment after the fact. When a show comes down (closes) the various heads of departments (management, design areas, and artistic) and others will come together to discuss what was done right and what was done wrong throughout the process and how it could be better done in the future. It usually takes place a week or so after strike.

Everyone loves closure. It’s a fantastic way to end one chapter in order to begin the next. A post mortem is a practice that can be applied to any ‘thing’ that has come to a close. It reminds us of the aspects in which we need to improve upon and the success and pleasures that were felt/exlpored while partaking in the particular circumstance/relationship/event/show etc.


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