Featured Intern Friday: Michael

Hey, Hi, Hello

I’m somewhat new to the blogosphere so I’m kinda iffy on the rules and formalities of introductions, but I guess a way to start would be to tell you a little bit about me?  If that doesn’t sound up your alley, please feel free to stop reading (I have a habit of being prolix) right….about……now.

If you’re still here, eyes scanning, that means I will now become a featured intern in your mind, which I guess is an odd, new age thing to be.  Whatever. Here’s my face if you’d like a face for the abstract idea: 

That’s me and my name is Michael and no, I am not a homicidal maniac nor had I read Hamlet at the time of that picture.  Without going into too much detail, I have some archaeological experience.  I’ll omit my last name, as I think it plays into the whole Mystery Monday theme written on a Thursday.  I have been at Shakespeare in Action for about a month now, which has given me enough time to accomplish a couple, somewhat meaningful things: I know which chairs squeak in the office and how to avoid them, I know where the outlets are to plug in my laptop, I know how to make it to and from the washroom without a) getting lost and b) losing the washroom key, and perhaps most importantly, I know the importance of the idea of the company.  I was never exposed to Shakespeare until I was in third year (sorry I should’ve mentioned somewhere that I finished my B.A in History at York last year and am pursuing the same at the same place for my M.A), when I sat down and watched Romeo + Juliet, the movie with Leo.  I mean, like I had read the plays in high school as a group class collective and such but it didn’t really do much for me.  Anyways, that film changed my life.  Since then, Shakespeare has become my favourite author.  But the fact that it took me until I was 20 to finally be exposed to Shakespeare is something that I think should be rectified.  That’s why I’m here and why I believe in the good that SIA does.  That and sometimes the coffee has already been made by the time I come into the office.


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