Wordy Wednesday – “All the goths”

Yes, I know, it’s Thursday. Even though I apologized before, I wish to do so now again.  I’m sorry.  There, done, over.  I promise that my posts will now line up with exactitude.  Mondays will, from this point on, be mysterious and Wednesdays will be wordy.  Fridays will be some sort of voiceless labiodental fricative word, (that’s linguistic jargon for “f” sounding).

Anyways, what follows is strictly conjecture but I think that it is rather interesting.  Therefore this is not a 100% verified, honest-to-god post about Shakespeare’s contribution to the English lexicon.  However, I’m a nerd and I thought that it was really cool so bear with me.

The Shakespearean words come from Titus Andronicus, one of Shakespeare’s earliest plays and one that bears striking resemblance to a Tarantino film ie. everyone dies in quick succession, lots of gore etc. etc.  Anyways, here it is:

All the Goths: And as he saith, so say we all with him

(Act V, Scene 1)

This is where the conjecture emerges.  If anyone has ever watched Battlestar Galactica (which I suggest you do if you’re into philosophy, politics, economics, morality, ethics, religion, mythology or just interesting stuff in general, the show is rife with them, all ensconced in probably the nerdiest soap opera-esque show of all time), they’ll recognize this phrase from Admiral Adama.  I couldn’t find the video version of the clip but I did find an audio clip: http://media.battlestarwiki.org/images/0/09/So_Say_We_All.mp3

Anyways, like I said, pure conjecture, but I think it’s kind of interesting.  I’ll try to be more professional on my next Wordy Wednesday, ie. submitting it on time and citing an actual, verified Shakespearean addendum to the English language.  In the mean time however, I hope I’ve sparked your interest in, well, obviously Shakespeare, but BSG too.

See you Friday


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