Mystery Monday

So I know that today happens to be Thursday BUT I (Michael) had a little trouble logging in and getting everything together on Monday so I now unveil my Monday Mystery on today, yes, Thursday.  Anyways, this mysterious quote comes from one of my favourite of Shakespeare works, a work that I think is arguably one of the first ever feminist pieces, as odd as that may appear for those that do indeed guess where this comes.  Without further ado:

Let him have time to see his friends his foes,

And merry fools to mock at him resort;

Let him have time to mark how slow time goes

In time of sorrow, and how swift and short

His time of folly and his time of sport;

And ever let his unrecalling crime

Have time to wail th’ abusing of his time.

Okay, so maybe a little morbid for my inceptive post BUT I think it’s one of the best pleas for revenge that has ever been penned.  Anyways, if you do manage to figure out where it comes from, give it a read.  As well, if you’d like to read the original source it’s located here:  Read chapter 46 until the end of book one and then the first two chapters of book 2 located here:

I’d suggest reading the Livy first.  Happy reading


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