Foto Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen,  I have some photo treats for you today of our Office! Let’s get right into it.  Here we have an example of what happens to our office after the finish of one of our shows: Many of the props and set pieces move into it and become a part of it.  This is one of the trees used in a Midsummer Night’s Dream which recently closed here.  And now I can’t imagine our office without it.  Adds a little bit of spring indoors.

Here is a photo of Mat’s desk, and again you can see another of the trees used to mark the entranceway to his area.  It adds new dimension and intrigue to what happens here.

Everyone in our office has a sweet tooth.  There seems to always be a supply of chocolate, candies or cake (so many cakes!) of some kind.  This photo marks a sad day today when we actually ran out of and finished every crumb of sweetness in the office.

So there you have the tour (or at least the first part) of the office and what it holds.

Until the next time!


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