National Shakespeare Youth Festival Update – E.L. Crossley

By: Melissa Kohli (creating a film response to Hamlet)

Group Members
Melissa Kohli
Carly Mueller
Laura Sawula
Drew Saltarelli
Robbie Molnar
Eric Blanchard
Austin Wassink

After a few adjustments, our film planning has been finalized and will be completed by the end of the week.  It is a modern take on the relationships between Hamlet and his mother, Gertrude, as well as the relationship between Hamlet and his uncle, Claudius. In our film, we expose the depth of Hamlet’s emotional confusion on his life decisions.  Using a motorcycle accident, news reports, and confrontation scenes, we explore Hamlet’s life after his father’s death.  We’re really excited to film and plan to have everything edited over the Easter weekend.

Original King Hamlet: “The Hammer” – Drew Saltarelli
King Claudius: New Boyfriend – Robbie Molnar
Queen Gertrude: Mom – Melissa Kohli
Hamlet: “Hammer Jr.” – Eric Blanchard
News reporter: Austin Wassink
Rest of Biker Gang: Carly Mueller, Laura Sawula

Director: Drew Saltarelli
Editing: Drew Saltarelli/Laura Sawula
Costumes: Carly Mueller
Music: Robbie Molnar/Austin Wassink
Script-Writing: Melissa Kohli


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