Photo Friday

The Diary of Anne Frank is up and running and into previews!** (See below for definition of a “preview”)

Yesterday, we had a very special presentation at the end of our preview of The Diary of Anne Frank.  After watching the performance, Intact Insurance Company took the stage with Artistic Director Michael Kelly.  Intact Insurance decided to donate money toward our professional theatre company, and in front of everyone in the audience, Intact Insurance presented a cheque to Shakespeare In Action!

Pictured below is Michael Kelly shaking hands with Warren along with Heidi.  It was a great response with the audience cheering and filling the room with applause.  Everyone was very excited to be here for such a momentous occasion!

Thank you Intact Insurance Company!

**Previews are practice performances in front of a real audience to test the show before it officially opens on Opening Night.  During this time, the director can still make changes and give notes to actors and the technical crew.  Also, if something were to really not work, they can stop the performance and fix it right away, although that is rare.

Professional shows can have anywhere from four to twenty or more of these practice performances.  There are many uses of having previews.  Here are just a couple of them: It is helpful for the director to see how the audience responds to the play;  and the actors can get a feel for having an audience since the audience may laugh, cry or react to what is happening onstage and that changes the pacing of the show.



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