Quite the Character!

Have you ever tried to count how many characters Shakespeare has created? It’s a soaring combination of fictional, historical and mythical characters that all weave together to form the world of Shakespeare. They’re an interesting mix of evil sidekicks, lovers and dreamers.

Let’s take a look at his villains. There’s the iconic Macbeth and Lady Macbeth whose guilt is a premise for their demise. Brutus and Cassius run the show in Julius Caesar and then there’s Richard III who was so cruel he got a whole pay to himself. Lastly there’s possibly the most sinister, Iago. He misleads Othello and betrays his trust in a plan to take down the Moor.

In honour of Valentine’s day, can you think of any of Shakespeare’s most romantic characters? I’ll start you off with the one and only Romeo, the most iconic romantic character of our time!



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